2021- This Year’s Walks

Jane’s Walk Re-Imagined

Fall 2021

Since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic the local organizing group has been figuring out how to proceed and keep the spirit of Jane’s Walk alive in Edmonton.  In person walks were cancelled in both the spring of 2020 & 2021 and on-line resources developed to help folks get out and explore Edmonton.  This fall we are hoping to share in-person walks on the Sept. 17-19th weekend in conjunction with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Community League Day.  Go here for the most recent listing of walks for the Sept weekend.

Go to edmonton.ca/COVID-19 for the most recent information on the pandemic response in Edmonton.

This spring we also have created the space for a couple of different types of “re-imagined walks”  that we are making available to Edmontonians to give you a taste of the Janes Walk experience anytime from the comfort of your home:

​Walking Maps & ResourcesLinks to existing walking resources, tours etc. that you can undertake at your leisure and as appropriate to current Covid Rules/Guidance.  Edmonton has lots!

Virtual Walking tours: these walks are created by submitting a combination of photos, videos, and text of a walking tour in a google map or blog or other on-line sharing tool.

Once individuals have submitted walks in any of these formats we will be promoting them through our communication channels and on this website.

We are working to develop more details, but if you have questions email admin at Janeswalkedmonton@gmail.com 

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